According to his founder members, Giuseppe Miroglio and his two sons Lorenzo & Eusebio, Miroglio company was founded in Turin around 1898.
At that time, the company was called Miroglio Bros and was operating just downtown Turin in the old address of Via Madama Cristina, mainly manufacturing outdoor watches for bell towers, buildings and churches.
During the Thirties of the last century, the company upgraded its production capability, transferring their headquarter to Via Savonarola, expanding its works all over the world, from Africa to South America and more.
After the Second World War, Miroglio Bros focused their specialization towards the fast growing Piedmont automotive area.
Soon after, the company changed its name to Miroglio & C.
A century later, the flexibility which characterises Miroglio & C., as well as the company's constant technological evolution, has allowed it to acquire a new dimension, extending its business to foreign markets.